Discover the Corals of Breaking Patches

Breaking Patches, Cairns reef system that is a shallow dive but has hard and soft coral with beautiful colouring that is a must see.

Sea Fans
Sea Fans

You will be in awe while observing Sea Fans and Staghorn Coral.

There are Tree and Black coral as well.

In all the coral there are beautiful fish swimming among the beauty. Clown fish, parrotfish, angelfish, lionfish, butterfly fish.

Sea Christmas tree worms and anemone are also among all the colourful coral. Sea Cucumbers swim around on the sandy bottom. Divers can also swim over hangs and swim throughs that are natural formations

This Cairns reef has so much to offer a diver with all its colourful beauty.

You may even get to swim with magnificent sea animals such as a Green Turtle or a Hawksbill turtle.

Now wouldn’t that be a story to tell the people back home!


You can book a trip one on one of the different boat trips that are offered and either snorkel or dive Breaking Patches and observe all these great natural wonders for yourself.

Experience swimming with the marine life.

Photograph all the colourful fish and coral.

So get busy book that trip to Breaking Patches.