Flynn Reef Cairns, Great Barrier Reef

Flynn -Reef - Cairns-Reef
Flynn Reef, Cairns

A great Cairns reef that offers not only good diving but diverse marine life is Flynn Reef Cairns. There are a number of dive sites for you to choose from to start your dive, Tracy’s Bommie, Gordon’s Mooring, Coral Garden and Tennis Court. The moorings are plenty for you get started on a great dive.

The reef called Flynn Reef has most everything that you’ll need for a really great dive. This area is good for the novice diver as well as the experienced diver. There are swim throughs, wall dives, and overhangs to make your experience one you’ll not soon forget. There is also night diving for those that choose this adventure.

The wild life is abundant and some of the most diverse in the Great Barrier Reef. Reef sharks, groupers and large wrasse as well as dolphins, all call Flynn Reef Cairns their home. You will be able to swim with the resident turtles too! There are the hawksbill turtles and the green sea turtles that will actually swim with you as you dive. Now that is a memory that will last you a lifetime!

The coral is beautiful and there are showcases of a largest variety of soft coral species that can be found in the Great Barrier Reef. The hard coral on Flynn Reef is Table coral, Plate coral, Staghorn and Boulder coral. Many photo ops for those that bring their underwater cameras.

So get busy and book your diving adventure today. There are different trips and boats for you check out and pick the one the best fits your needs. Flynn Reef Cairns should be one of the choices. Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera!!

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