Hastings Reef Cairns: Great Barrier Reef

A great diving location and snorkeling reef Cairns, this Great Barrier Reef ‘Hastings’ is idyllic for scuba diving, snorkelling, day reef tours, liveaboard tours, sailing and more..!

The Great Barrier Reef Cairns has over 2900 reefs and there are some that are better than others for scuba diving and snorkeling.

If you are a novice or a pro Hastings Reef Cairns is for you. It has many features that you may be looking for in a scuba dive and snorkel trip. It’s a great scuba diving location.

There are the sand floors as well as 13 km of reef to explore.

With the good swim-through up to the reef your experiences are something you’ll remember. Hastings Reef Cairns, has a diving depth of about 115 feet so it’s is suitable for advanced drivers.

Giant Clam - Cairns reef

The species of fish are numerous.

With names such as Butterfly fish and Angelfish you can just imagine the beauty and color your eyes will feed on.

Giant clams, anemones and staghorn coral are there for your pleasure as well as sweetlips, trout, damsels and cod. Lagoon rays and shark can be seen resting on the sandy floor.

There is also Wally the Napoleon Maori Wrasse that likes to tag along for a swim with the divers or he’ll come up to the boat.

butterflyfish - Cairns reefYou’ll need to bring your underwater camera for some fantastic photography.

Recording what you have seen and experienced is a joy.

With the all the different fish and coral you will be busy taking photographs.

So book your boat trip for a day tour scuba diving at Hastings Reef Cairns.

Homing in on Hasting Reef Cairns will make your snorkel and scuba dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef Cairns, a trip to remember.