Marine life of Michaelmas Reef

Michaelmas Reef, Cairns reef

Great snorkeling and scuba diving to see at Michaelmas reef

Michaelmas Reef in one of Cairns reefs and  has some of the best marine life observation in Australia. It’s a must do snorkel and scuba dive sight.

To get to Michaelmas reef you have to go by boat. There are few ways to do this, there are liveboards or day trips Which ever you choose it will be worth it. The visibility is good; the average depth is 124.4 feet.

Snorkelers will enjoy the shallow coral reefs

All scuba divers can dive this site from novice to pro.

There are wall, gullies, small caves, overhangs and swim-throughs that can be found in the area. With sandy bottoms that have giant clams. These giant clams are a favourite to see for all scuba divers.

white tip reef shark

There is so much sea life that you will be amazed. There are sea cucumbers and blue=spotted rays on the sandy bottoms as well as the giant clams. You can also observe whitetip sharks. The sandy bottom near the beach you may experience small fish and sharks biting at your feet, they are trying to catch other small animals and shrimp.

You can see schools of damsels and fusiliers all over the coral. Oh and the coral is a most beautiful sight within itself. The marine life of a Michaelmas Reef is a must see.

Book your trip to Michaelmas Reef so you can feel the excitement of life here. The dive you be something you won’t forget.