Norman Reef Cairns: Great Barrier Reef

Norman Reef Cairns is one of the most popular Outer Great Barrier Reefs to scuba dive and snorkel. There are excellent scuba dive sites with caves and swim-throughs. The Giant Maori wrasses are a common sight in the caves. These fish can reach a length of up to 5 feet. Other Great Barrier Reef life includes Giant clams, anemones, moray eels, as well as many different species of colourful fish that call Norman Reef Cairns home. There are spangled emperors, red bass, drummers and fusiliers, as well as garden eels in the sandy places. Blue-spotted rays and turtles are a common sight across Norman Reef Cairns.

Norman Reef Cairns boasts soft and hard coral with a mixture of colourful staghorn thickets, large bommies with hillocks of coral cover. There is so much to see and to enjoy with the beauty of  Norman Reef Cairns, while snorkelling is a special treat.

Snorkelling and scuba diving are both available. Experienced scuba divers will enjoy the caves and swim-throughs that Norman Reef Cairns, have to offer. Snorkelling is excellent if you’ve never done it. Snorkel and scuba dive day trips are available with instructions and snorkel and scuba dive guides ensuring you a fantastic day of swimming and snorkelling.

The natural beauty of Norman Reef Cairns is something you’ll not want to miss. So book your trip for a day or any number of other options you have such as liveaboard dive trips that Island and reef hop or maybe you’ll want to check out the different types of boats that you can book.  Whichever you choose, make sure you bring your camera, you’ll want to record all the sites you will see so you can take home all the memories and show all of your family and friends.