Cairns reef

Dont be disappointed read this important dive medical information

Your safety is our first priority so if you wish to dive with us and have any of these conditions we will require you to have an Australian dive medical.

A scuba dive medical  can be obtained at the Cairns  24hour medical centre.

If you have EVER suffered from any of the following conditions, you will require a dive medical to Australian standard AS. 4005.1.


Asthma / Wheezing or use of an inhaler

Brain, spinal cord or nervous disorder

Chronic bronchitis or persistent chest complaint

Chronic sinus condition

Collapsed Lung (pneumothorax)


Chest Surgery

Heart Disease of any kind


If you are CURRENTLY suffering from or have recently had any of the following conditions or procedures, you will require a scuba dive medical to Australian standard AS. 4005.1.



Chronic ear discharge or infection

High blood pressure

Ear Surgery


Fainting Seizures or blackouts

Recurrent ear problems when flying

Tuberculosis or any other long term disease

Any illness or operation within the last month

Perforated eardrum

If you are taking any medications for anything other than the above conditions we can check if these are safe for diving with the local dive doctor.

This is necessary as some medications can become dangerous underwater.

These checks are done on the day of travel and can be difficult for the dive doctor to approve without consultation with you.

We can only give them information submitted to us on your medical form so please understand that the dive Doctor  may require a full scuba dive medical to clear you to scuba dive.