The Great Barrier Reef is the perfect place to learn to scuba dive

 Is there anywhere better to learn to scuba dive than the Great Barrier Reef ?

Learning to scuba dive is a great way to take your love for nature to the next level.

After learning to scuba dive, you’ll be able to explore an underwater world in the best way possible.

You’re able to learn to scuba dive while on scuba diving vacations with a number of diving options.

You’ll quickly and easily learn the basics to scuba diving, which will allow you to then plunge into the water to begin exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

Even children are able to learn to scuba dive.

If you’re interested in learning to dive, the first thing you need to do is fill out a medical form, which will determine whether or not you’re physically able to scuba dive.

There are certain medications and health conditions that pose risks to scuba divers; therefore, they must be ruled out prior to diving.

If you’re healthy enough to scuba dive, the next thing you’ll need is equipment.

If you’re just planning to take a single diving vacation, you’ll probably want to rent the diving equipment as it’s the most cost effective solution.

If you want to further your diving skills or begin scuba diving regularly, you can purchase the equipment.

When booking resort / introductory scuba diving packages that offer diving courses, sometimes the equipment will be included, so be sure to check the diving package.

Humpback Whales Cairns- Cairns-reef

Even if you’ve booked diving courses, you still need to learn the essentials to dive theory.

These are online courses, which will help you understand the terms and fundamentals to diving.

This knowledge before hand is essential. With the basics learned, you’ll spend less time learning how to dive and more time in the water exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

When you’re learning to scuba dive, your course instructor will teach you everything you need to know in order to dive safely.

The best way to learn is in the open water, not in a swimming pool under the professional guidance of a scuba dive instructor.

In the open water, you’ll have hands-on experience in regards to water conditions, which isn’t always possible in a controlled environment like a swimming pool.

Learn to scuba dive Cairns
Learn to scuba dive, Cairns Australia

On our Great Barrier Reef liveaboard Reef Encounter we can teach you to scuba dive in the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef with a maximum of 4 students in your class.

Our learn to scuba dive course  is over 3 or 4 days on every dive you will see turtles, brightly coloured reef fish and coral

Afterwards, you’ll become a certified diver and will then be free to dive into open water to begin finding adventure in the reef system.

Upon learning to scuba dive, you can take additional courses to further your diving skills if you decide it’s something you enjoy.

By furthering your skills, you’ll be able to dive more advanced locations and even turn diving into a profession.

Great Barrier Reef Australia
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef