Discover Beautiful, Green Island

Green Island
Green Island

There are many islands off the coast of Australia. There is one that is 45 minutes from Cairns, Australia that is called Green Island

This island is a 15 hectare island that is surrounded by coral reef in the World Heritage Site of the Great Barrier Reef.

Green Island is a National Park because it has a unique environment that needs protection to keep the island harmonious with nature.

The beauty of this island is an experience you need to enjoy.

There are no sources of fresh water on the Green Island. The flora and fauna is supported by rainwater.

This island has a dense forest that is covered in vines with a number of wildlife calling it home.

The beaches are sandy and the water is a beautiful turquoise.

The coral reefs are something that must be seen with all the sea life living there such as the blue starfish. There are a number of different species of fish and sea turtles.

There is so much for you to Do

Snorkel, swim, dive in the clear  turquoise waters and see the coral and wildlife that call it home.

The waters are so clear the photos ops are wonderful!

There are the Rainforests that can’t be missed, there are a few options you can choose from, you can walk the marked trails by yourself or you could go with a naturalist on a guided tour of the rainforest.

There is any number of boat tours that you might enjoy site seeing the island from the boat.

Green Island
relax on Green Island

Relaxing on the sandy beach is a must if you need to unwind.

Sitting there soaking up the sun or maybe you would like to just watch the beautiful sunset with the all the different colours that nature offers.

The accommodations are 5 stars at the resort, luxury rooms and suites with all the comforts of home.

The views can be so breathtaking of either the sea and coral reef or the rainforest from some of the rooms.

There are handicapped rooms available that make all the accommodations easier for all the disabled.

The food is wonderful if you want to experience the local cuisine or seafood and steaks that are offered at the restaurant or dine on the patio or beach.

You may want to pack a lunch or dinner and take it onto a private part of the beach or rainforest to enjoy with a special someone. All is available just for the asking.

There are pools for day use for the daily visitors or private pools for the guests of the resort.

There is a dive shop so you’ll be able to get whatever you may need if you decide to snorkel or scuba dive. Again tours are available.


There are so many memories you can make on this beautiful island.

Why not book a trip to stay or just go for a day trip and see all the beauty this small island has to offer.

Don’t forget your camera to record all those memories you are making.