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Thetford Reef, Cairns Great Barrier Reef

Thetford Reef, Cairns, has a number of different spices of hard and soft coral to explore while you are scuba diving. There is a magical light as you swim through some of the enclosed swim-throughs. You will envision yourself scuba diving in a water world where great thing are to be seen and experienced. The coral reefs are a great place to snorkel and scuba dive.

Some of these things will be the marine life you will see along Thetford Reef, Cairns. Butterfly fish, angle fish, rabbit fish, damsels, pipefish and giant clams all are available for you to witness their life style in this wonderful magical world of Thetford Reef, Cairns. Anemones as well as common damsel fish and transparent shrimp are there also.

Cairns coral reef is numerous and in abundances with different species. On the sandy floors there are small coral patches with a number of blue staghorn thickets. Care is needed when swimming through and passing by large Gorgonian Fans and soft coral. Boulder coral heads will have multi-colored Christmas Tree Worms

Access to Thetford Reef, Cairns is dependent on tidal and weather conditions. So when you book your trip you’ll need to check this out as well. The company you chose will have all the information you’ll need to make this a fantastic scuba dive trip to Thetford Reef, Cairns.

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